Sunday, August 2, 2020

7 effective ways to grow new hair

Nowadays, almost everyone has the problem of hair loss and thinning hair. Hair cannot be protected by doing so much. And the result is premature hair loss. How to save your favorite hair? How to grow new hair on the head? The solution is at hand. A simple and cheap oil will help your hair to grow. This oil is very effective not only for hair, but also for thickening eyelids and eyebrows! How to use: If you don't use castor oil continuously, you have to follow the rules. Use this oil once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

Castor oil is as thick as honey, which can be a little difficult at first. The method of use is quite straightforward. Take castor oil, you can add a liquid inside the vitamin E capsule. If the hair is long, give more than one capsule. Then apply this oil on the scalp well before going to bed at night. Especially massage the hair follicles. Leave this oil on the hair overnight. Shampoo in the morning. No additional conditioner is required. Where to get it, what price: You can get castor oil in any pharmacy or supershop. There are two types of domestic and foreign. Domestic oils are quite cheap in price. You will get a bottle for less than 100 rupees which you can use for 1 month! Foreigners are a little more expensive.

The quality is also a little better. So why delay, let's start practicing for hair today. Let the thinned hair become thick again. (For those who are bald due to hereditary or any ailment, no treatment will actually work. Prior treatment of the disease is required. For those whose hair is falling due to stress, lack of care, wrong cosmetics, etc .; Castor oil will work very well for them.) Read more: How to use onion juice on the head? Below are 5 more ways described: - 1 / Bedana grains, leaves and peel together. Now heat it with mustard oil on low flame. Heat it and cut it and put it in a bottle.

Applying this oil on the scalp 2-3 times a week will help to get rid of hair loss and regrow new hair. 2 / Regular application of green coriander leaf juice on the hair roots makes the hair soft, black, hair loss stops, and even new hair grows. 3 / Ripe or dried mango powder is not well mixed with coconut oil. Now massage that oil. Leave it for a while and wash your hair. 4 / Kalojira hair loss and new hair growth is helpful. Using black cumin oil on the head and using black cumin in food can give you healthy hair. 5 / Eggs and Vitamin-E capsules are mixed together and applied on the scalp. Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Growth